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В наши намерения не входит нарушение каких-либо прав музыкальной индустрии. Наша цель - способствовать популяризации артистов, которые нам нравятся. Если Вам нравится музыка этих исполнителей, Вы должны поддержать их, приобретая их музыкальную продукцию в музыкальных магазинах. Весь видео- и аудиоматериал, представленный на веб-сайте www.musicvideos.ru предназначен только для частного использования.


We are not intentioned to violate someone's rights in music industry. Our aim is to contribute the promotion of groups we like and want to support. If you like the music of these groups you must support them by buying their material in the original or in the licenced way in music shops. All audio- and video-material which is presented on www.musicvideos.ru is destined only for promotion and personal use.

Every Time I Die - Wanderlust

Every Time I Die - Wanderlust

band: Every Time I Die

song: Wanderlust

download: direct link

Chevelle - Letter From A Thief

Chevelle - Letter From A Thief

band: Chevelle

song: Letter From A Thief

download: direct link

  • Billboard - Billboard 200 Chart

     Billboard - Billboard 200 Chart

    1: Reputation

    2: The Thrill Of It All

    3: Heartbreak On A Full Moon

    4: Stoney

    5: Divide

    6: Without Warning

    7: Red Pill Blues

    8: Synthesis

    9: Live In No Shoes Nation

    10: Texoma Shore

    11: Luv Is Rage 2

    12: Evolve

    13: Lil Pump

    14: DAMN.

    15: American Teen

    16: Beautiful Trauma

    17: A Pentatonix Christmas

    18: NOW 64

    19: Mr. Davis

    20: The Bigger Artist

    21: 17

    22: Tell Me You Love Me

    23: Diamonds

    24: Ctrl

    25: Hamilton: An American Musical

    26: From A Room: Volume 1

    27: Super Slimey

    28: More Life

    29: Laugh Now, Fly Later

    30: hopeless fountain kingdom

    31: Flicker

    32: Kane Brown

    33: Traveller

    34: Project Baby Two

    35: Meaning Of Life

    36: From The Fires

    37: Starboy

    38: Culture

    39: Issa Album

    40: What If Nothing

    41: Everybody

    42: Life Changes

    43: Sweet Southern Sugar

    44: Christmas

    45: Perception

    46: Master Of Puppets

    47: I Still Am

    48: Moana

    49: This One's For You

    50: Unapologetically

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